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Toyota Land Cruiser 79

Chobe4x4 Support

We have depo’s in Southern Africa which can assist with mechanical support or servicing.

Vehicle Condition

The vehicles are sold well below book value and will include a huge number of accessories (where taken as complete campers).

The vehicles are ex-rental vehicles and have done high kilometers, they have also been used on gravel and 4×4 tracks but they have been very well maintained and are suitably priced. Not only are the standard maintenance procedures followed but we have implemented additional services and checks on the vehicles to ensure reliability. Any vehicle purchased would have followed very stringent maintenance routines.

All the vehicles are sold with a 30-day warranty, anything reported at this time will be repaired or replaced by Chobe4x4.

Guaranteed Buyback

We can arrange a buyback agreement whereby we can give you a guaranteed buyback price on the vehicles given they are returned with a shorter period of time (1 year or less). Certain conditions apply but effectively you can then rest assured of offloading the vehicle when returning.

Vehicles for Sale

Land Cruiser 79 4.2L Petrol 2 Door

Toyota Land Cruiser 79 - Petrol 2 Door

BWP 500,000.00

Land Cruiser 79 v6 4.0L Petrol 4 Door

Toyota Land Cruiser 79 - Petrol 4 Door

BWP 500,000.00

About Chobe 4×4

Exploring Southern Africa by 4×4  gives you the opportunity to take the back roads and experience the African sub-continent in its full glory. Chobe4x4 is there to assist you, not only with your safari vehicle rental, but also with current information on the road conditions, the best places to overnight, up to date maps, and also advice on what to see and do, and we also offer you 24-hour backup assistance.

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