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Chobe 4X4 self-drive rental instructional videos

A series of 4X4 (4WD) instructional videos filmed and narrated by James Hendry for Chobe 4X4 to better assist our customers with an understanding of the 4X4 (4WD) vehicle while on a self-drive safari in Africa!

4×4 Selector

Changing a Tire (Wheel)

Diff selector


Oil and Water

Tire Pressure

Wheel Hubs

Self-drive safari Botswana – Chobe 4×4 rental

Self-drive Botswana – 4×4 rental, the freedom to explore.

Botswana and Zambia are the most exciting areas to visit for the Self-drive explorer.

Chobe4x4 provides our guests with 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser’s fully equipped for exploring Botswana and Southern Africa’s most beautiful wildlife parks.

The vehicles come fully equipped including a table, chairs, fridge, fully stocked kitchen, and everything down to wine glasses, all to make your adventure as comfortable as possible.

Our quality roof-tent makes for safe sleeping outside possible and very enjoyable.

Experience the wonders of a Southern African self-drive safari.

Chobe4x4 Self Drive Botswana Adventure

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